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Your Attorney in Munich / Germany

Welcome to my website. If you are looking for a lawyer in Germany who supports and advises foreign persons and companies in German affairs, your are at exactly the right place. In Germany I work as an attorney in the fields of commercial law and help clients with contracts, questions to special clauses and to get their money from german companies.

Company Check Germany

An Attorney in Germany often will be asked to check a certain company in Germany, its liquidity and its financial situation. This is no problem, because there are databases on the internet for all capital companies like GmbH, AG or GmbH & Co.KG.

With informations from the commercial register, the electic Federal Gazette with year’s issues etc. a German attorney is able to tell the situation of a company.

Contract review

Attorney Willers in Munich / Germany offers the review of contracts with German companies.

– contract review, contract form, contract negotiations
– legal representation of your company in Germany and in all other countries in Europe
– company foundation, merge and acquisition of companies in Germany
– legal representation in insolvency proceedings
– legal representation in the Local, District and Higher Regional Court proceedings

I can help you to find any kind of company and provision of services in Germany you’re interested in, e.g.:

– consultants in business valutation
– patent agents(Patentanwälte)
– tax consultants (Steuerberater)
– banks, insurance agencies, public authorities, etc.

My office is located in Munich, Bavaria, Southern Germany. Please find my office on Google Maps here.

Please feel free to send your requrest!

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